LuxeBrush Cleaner™
LuxeBrush Cleaner™
LuxeBrush Cleaner™ LuxeBrush Cleaner™

LuxeBrush Cleaner™

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Regular cleaning, at least once a week, ensures optimal results.
Depending on what country you're from, delivery takes anywhere from 5-11 working days!
With consistent care, brushes can last several years!
No! Feel free to use on paint brushes and other similar items.

Deep Clean Every Time✨

Did you know that dirty makeup brushes can lead to acne, rashes and other skin related problems? Our Luxe Brush Cleaner goes beyond surface cleaning, diving deep into bristles to eliminate hidden impurities. The result? A flawless makeup application every single time.

Prolonged Brush Life🤩

The secret to making your brushes last longer? Regular cleaning with our Luxe Brush Cleaner. Say goodbye to skin problems by utilizing the Luxe Brush Cleaner. With minimal effort and the use of a cleaning solution, you can maintain the cleanliness and safety of your brushes and your skin.

Easy to Clean🧼

Simply dump and rinse. Its that easy!

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